This past week we have been networking with professors and various people who can put us in touch with skilled and driven developers. Our whole idea of eliminating receipts took a spin for the better. We are going in this with the mindset that nothing can restrict us and what we want done will get done. A lot of people criticize the fact that what we are doing is far too intricate and the technology is still new, but thats what we are in this class for. To innovate against all obstacles, if there is a will there is a way. Yes, the security can be an challenge but with the right team members technology wise we can surpass it. We also see a trend of mobile payments sky rocketing since 2010. So why limit are selves to just digitizing receipts, we are exploring the option to incorporate a mobile payment solution, and from there receipts are digitized into specific categories. The goal is to make this as hands off as possible for the consumer. Its going to be a grind, but Ryan and I are dedicated to create this system. 


As far as this week goes for me, I hired a videographer and interviewed Chartwells. The amount of receipts that they throw away in all their locations at DePaul is crazy. We stood by the register for about 30 minutes and almost 75% of the students did not accept their receipt, rather it was thrown in the trash. Building a team is are main goal aside from all the milestones created, because without the right parts to the puzzle it won’t function properly.