This week Ryan and I have been contacting and interviewing developers to gain a better insight towards our service. I interviewed 1 very impressive database and network security developing grad student who had some great feedback. We will be touching base with her again next week. 

Being that it was mid-terms this week and that drained me, I still managed to set up a few more meetings with developers and one potential investor. We are a long shot before presenting to an investor because our idea is still being fine tuned. But like Justin and Raman said just go with it. Our team building is coming great, as we hope to acquire a few to the technical side within the coming weeks. We have also thought to work through current mobile payment systems API, by becoming the  one digitized receipt company to integrate our service in their profit producing product. This would entirely eliminate the point of sale challenges we have been having. We would be more of a back-end type software that makes the lives of businesses and mobile payments efficient and more ideal. 

I am working this weekend on data base and functionality guidelines which ReceiptMe should have and we will follow up this week with all developers that have been interviewed. We are looking at developers right now to gain insight and maybe learn some things we do not know currently! Hustle = Expansion!