Im going to keep it short and sweet this week because I am writing this from my phone in St. Louis. We appreciate everyones feedback and criticism on amending our company. We are still in the process of hiring a developer, a lot easier said then done. Our concept of working through API (Application Programming Interfaces) is definitely something we are considering because the same pain point is still being resolved. The pain point of paper tedious receipts is what we are after, so the gateway and means to solve this is more feasible in working with established companies and services. We are in the process of speaking with Square, Mint, Micros, Aloha, and all intermediaries in the point of sale process. We really need to learn more about the point of sale more, because inevitably, that is what we need to conquer. 

In other news, I have hired a videographer and currently am in search of solidifying a mentor. A lot more we are doing and will share in class but got to go back to the grind right now!