This past week has been one with very little sleep. We are working tirelessly to find a developer and we are meeting with one tomorrow (saturday). He is very optimistic and has begun working on a proto-type. This proves that staying persistent is key regardless of set backs. We have met and hired 2 animators, 1 videographer who have all the tools/knowledge necessary to leverage social media and crowdfunding sites. I met Jack Cummins and Eddie Lou last night at a networking event and emailed them. We are meeting with Jack Cummins (Adviser/Attorney/Investor) late next week. I soldified my mentor Prof. Patrick Murphy of the entpreneurship program. I met with him earlier today for about 2 hours and just bounced ideas back and forth. Its refreshing to have someone to talk to that actually cares and will give advice whenever you need some. Also, Ryan and I are presenting 2/23, this upcoming Thursday at 2 pm in the finals for the most innovative companies at DePaul for 15 minutes. So on top of everything, we are thoroughly preparing for the Innovation awards. This is a crazy ride and I cant wait to see where it goes. All I know is we are going to stay persistent and keep working our ass off to make this happen.

I hit my milestone this week and have had some email dialogue between POS companies, restaurants, and other players in the Point of sale process (Micros, Aloha, POSiTouch). Also we discovered most receipt paper you receive on a daily basis contains BPA which is very harmful for consumers, and adds another reason why digital receipts will take off. The timing is right, the creativity is there, and the hustle is stays alive!