This has been a crazy week yet again. Ryan and I were grinding and preparing for the innovation awards which I am disappointed to say, we got 2nd place. We were well prepared and I felt extremely confident going into it. We are working on an emulated environment to what our database functionalities will contain. We are now down to 1 animator because one stepped off the team for schedule conflicts. But sucks for him…. we are still going strong! 

I have hit my milestone by interviewing one whole foods. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be speaking with trader joes and trying to get into apple. So that is going well because the views about ReceiptMe from retail perspectives are optimistic. 

I am late on this post because on top of everything with ReceiptMe, I have had a full weekend of Habibtees endeavors. Friday, I had an event I sponsored in the suburbs where we did pretty well. Saturday, we shot a full on production including a whole crew and actors. Tomorrow (Sunday) we are on 750 AM, the Rise Up Show. Showcasing how we have developed and how we are using social media/youtube to blow the company up!