This week has been another of a lot of learning, pushback, but a crucial pivot which will allow us to test our service fairly quickly. We recently have made a pivot to make this a more feasible approach right now. Our initial goal is still our priority but the approach we have taken is now scalable and with our developers really going at it over spring break we will have an operating MVP whereas right now we have prototypes. 

Our mission is to simplify financial transactions by digitizing and categorizing receipts at any retail location that currently provides the customer with an Email receipt option. We plan on doing this initially by allowing the consumer to create an @ReceiptMe email address where they would provide the retailer with this and our system is coded to take the information from the digital receipt and store it in one centralized location making it searchable by item, store, and date.  The great thing is, our system is coded to filter out all the un-wanted promotional emails that come with the current process of email receipts. 
Ryan and I have set a goal to network 3 entrepreneurs or professionals a week so we can get ample advice and learn more in the process. Not to mention, open the door so when we are ready to show the MVP. My milestone will be hit before Monday, everything is in the process right now. We are very excited because our developers agree this a more feasible approach and a great starting point, but our expansion will require capital. Once we get a decent user base and can show them a functioning MVP and numbers, I believe we are on the right path. Although we did not get through to the final round of Launch DePaul (Congrats Justin!), we still plan on launching an MVP by the end of spring break. So our goals are aligned. Stay persistent, stay hungry…..