Mobile Payment Trend


A lot has happened since week 1. We have been grinding everyday to really understand what our service is and how to implement it in the everyday market. I’ve met with an app and information systems development team and we are in the works of a deal. Our focus right now is team building and getting dedicated passionate people on our team. We have thrown many ideas back and forth and are still trying to solidify the POS (point of sale) aspect to our company. However we have discovered a new technology NFC near field communications which is similar to what google wallet is implementing in their service. This technology is springing up in a lot of tech startups in the bay area. We hope to learn more in seeing how we can benefit from it. Lastly, I’ve interviewed 2 local Lincoln park retailers who seemed to be very interested and wanted to hear more about our service towards the launch of our MVP! Full steam ahead.

I have been working on my milestones with Ryan. To be honest, we at first had some trouble mapping them out since we have to do 18 but the creative flow is going.

This week I have read a lot on the digital payment and paperless financial transaction industry. It is a very new one which we as a team really need to understand before fully going into this endeavor. There a few companies out there doing something similar but not as efficient and simplified as ReceiptMe (Working Title). I am going to list some of my milestones out of order and I would appreciate some feedback!

Interview local business owners…..question rubric selectively worked out
Analyze feedback from business owners
Interview 3 Big box companies (Wholefoods, traderjoes, Apple or Gap)
Talk to Chartwells (DePauls Dining Service) about our service
Hire 1 Developer
Launch Indie-Gogo Campaign
Launch Prototype
More pending this weekend.

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